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Cablevision, Verizon Settle FiOS Ad Dispute
Can Get Back to Fighting About Other Things
by Karl Bode 10:40AM Tuesday Dec 20 2011 Tipped by bnceo See Profile
Earlier this month Cablevision sued Verizon for FiOS ads highlighting FCC data showing that Cablevision wasn't delivering the speeds users are paying for. As of August, Cablevision delivered just 50% of advertised speed during peak periods, a fact Verizon quickly made use of in FiOS marketing. A recent FCC update showed Cablevision had made great strides, offering closer to 90% of advertised bandwidth during peak hours. Cablevision quickly leapt at the opportunity to sue Verizon for false advertising.

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That lawsuit is over before it began. "Cablevision and Verizon have reached an agreement to resolve the dispute without further need for litigation," stated the companies in a joint statement sent to Bloomberg.

Cablevision and Verizon, engaged in heated competition in the New York metro area, have long fought over speeds and marketing, Verizon at one point calling Cablevision's 105 Mbps service "a parlor trick" before proceeding to offer 100 Mbps service of their own.

In this latest suit, Verizon insisted they were simply repeating FCC data, and that they had already planned to stop running the ads when Cablevision complained. Cablevision had argued that the results Verizon was using in ads were technically from data collected back in March, and that Verizon had refused to stop running ads after several requests.

We're still waiting on the FCC to release an data update highlighting whether other ISPs also improved in terms of delivering advertised speeds during prime time. As the FCC chart above illustrates, Cablevision certainly wasn't alone in failing to deliver advertised speeds. Companies like Frontier, Qwest, Mediacom and Verizon (DSL) also struggled in the rankings.

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I want the Locnar!

No its mine!
Gimme it B-tch!
No, gimmee it!

River City Bounce
Brooklyn, NY

Doesn't matter

the damage is done...many are still rubbernecking at the 50% train wreck.

FIOS' overall service cost and halted buildout was a saving grace.

Brooklyn, NY
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·Verizon FiOS

so, let the competition resume!

this is where the rubber meets the road..

I haven't seen much better offerings from EITHER company this holiday season and Verizon is back to long term 2-year contracts again.. which is surprising since it didn't come with a boost in speeds.. (50/50).



Re: so, let the competition resume!

You have the choice with fios two year price lock or no contract but no price lock. I just signed up with them again and did it with the price lock bc I know I'm not going anywhere else for service.