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Can AT&T Handle The 3G iPhone Flood?
Free of EDGE at last, users will flock to true 3G
by Karl Bode 03:03PM Monday Jun 09 2008
A little bit later on today, an obscure little company by the name of Apple will be releasing the second incarnation of an under-analyzed and rarely-discussed phone they've dubbed the "iPhone." This latest version will of course have HSDPA capability, and GigaOM wonders if the AT&T Wireless network is ready to handle the load. iPhone users have traditionally used nearly five times the data consumed by average AT&T subscribers, and double the average smart phone user. In a short while, they'll be free from being stuck with Wi-Fi and EDGE.

If you're interested in some blistering, relentless coverage of today's iPhone tsunami, head here or here, and perhaps you'll find at least one news outlet discussing the launch.

Update: It's official. The HSDPA-supported iPhone will be available on July 11.

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