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Can DirecTV Hit 100 HD Channels?
Time is running out...
by Karl Bode 01:46PM Tuesday Dec 18 2007
It's December 18, and DirecTV has yet to reach their promise of offering 100 HD channels by the end of the year, notes TV Predictions. DirecTV by far already offers the most HD channels in the industry with 85, thanks largely to a 2004 decision to use future bandwidth for HD instead of broadband service. Still a promise is a promise says the report, and DirecTV is running out of time to hit the 100 mark.
At its web site, DIRECTV lists seven HD channels that are coming soon, but at least a few of them are not expected to be launched until next year. So to reach its goal of 100 HDTV channels by year's end, it would appear that DIRECTV would either have to launch some channels previously unannounced and/or pad its lineup with Pay Per View channels and more regional sports networks.
Given how loosely providers have defined what constitutes an HD channel, that's possible. However, note that DirecTV does use the "up to" qualifier (which broadband users should be used to) before every mention of 100HD channels -- so thanks to careful wording, DirecTV probably won't have to live up to their end of the bargain. Hopefully customers won't decide to pay "up to" the amount owed on their bills.

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