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Cancer-Concerned Citizens Block Public Wireless Network
Wi-Fi radiation fears convince city to stop building small public network
by KathrynV 11:27AM Sunday Mar 23 2008
Despite the fact that numerous studies have revealed no conclusive evidence that wireless technology is a cause of cancer, fears persist amongst those who believe that the technology is making them sick. Even those folks who don’t go so far as to say that Wi-Fi is cancer-causing claim that exposure to wireless radiation is making them ill in other ways due to their Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. This condition is rare in the general population but that didn’t stop a group of citizens with the ailment from protesting against a recently-approved public wireless network in Sebastopol, California. The city had approved a local Internet provider to set up access points throughout the downtown area. After receiving petitions and complaints from those citizens who were concerned about the health risks of the network’s radiation, the city rescinded its decision to allow the network.

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