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Carriers, Government Build Stolen Phone Database
Should Be Fully Operational Within a Year
by Karl Bode 02:37PM Tuesday Apr 10 2012 Tipped by KrK See Profile
Wireless carriers have started working with the U.S. government to build a database of stolen wireless phones that will be maintained by the carriers themselves. As it stands, Verizon and Sprint block access to phones that are reported as stolen while AT&T and T-Mobile don't -- something that will be the first thing to be made consistent across carriers. The goal is to reduce the time that stolen phones remain useful, thereby drying up the market for stolen phones and reducing the ability of criminals to use the devices to dodge surveillance. While details remain limited, carriers are expected to deploy their individual databases within six months, then integrate them nationally sometime within the next year.

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Isn't there one already?

There already is a database of stolen phones. It's called ebay.com

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