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Cell Phone Contracts: ‘Til Death Do Us Part
How far would you go to get out of your wireless contract?
by KathrynV 11:58AM Saturday Aug 18 2007 Tipped by grobinette See Profile
Most people simply accept the fact that getting a cell phone requires signing up for a two year contract with the provider. Corey Taylor isn’t most people; he recently faked his death to get out of his Verizon Wireless contract. The FCC is seeing an increasing number of complaints about cell phone contracts as customers get tired of the lack of flexibility that companies offer. Changes are being made, with some companies pro-rating cancellation fees and others offering flexibility to people who are moving or who want to change their plans. But for now, most people are still locked in to what they signed up for.

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Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA

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How far would you go to get out of your wireless contract?

Uhm... I went as far as to NOT get cell service with a contract - Period!

Virgin Mobile. Pay-As-You-Go. Just throw money at the phone($20) every three months and I'm good to go!
Think outside the Fox... Opera