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Charter Offers DVR, All Channels and 30 Mbps for $60
But Only if you Live in Monticello, Minnesota
by Karl Bode 08:33AM Monday Mar 12 2012
While opponents of municipal broadband like to trot out a lot of idealism when they rail against community broadband, what they're really doing is protecting un-competitive duopolies who charge an arm and a leg for sub-par service. Take for example Monticello, Minnesota, where customers under-served by local ISP Qwest for a decade decided to improve local connectivity with FTTH service. That deployment triggered local telco TDS Telecom to build their own fiber to the home service and lower prices. The dual FTTH services now available triggered Charter to start offering users a bundle of every TV channel, a DVR, and 30 Mbps connectivity for $60 a month -- but only if you live in Monticello. Monticello is precisely the reason incumbent telco CenturyLink is now pushing a bill aiming to ban community broadband in the state.

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