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Charter Simplifies Tiers: Just 30 and 100 Mbps
New CEO Rutledge Busy Making Significant Changes
by Karl Bode 12:28PM Monday Jul 09 2012
Charter Communications has been very busy lately enacting a significant number of changes to their services under the leadership of new CEO (and former Cablevision executive) Tom Rutledge. Recently the company enacted a number of new changes -- the most controversial of which was the decision to stop supporting customer-owned modems, something that appears to becoming somewhat of a trend. In addition to requiring you rent a modem (they're rolling the rental fee into the base price) Charter also appears to be backing away from offering users PowerBoost, with users in many markets saying they're no longer seeing the speed boost at the beginning of large downloads (and speedtests) the feature provides.

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On the plus side of that equation, Charter appears to have simplified their speed tiers, their website showing (and we've confirmed this with Charter) that the company is now offering users only the choice of a 30 Mbps or 100 Mbps broadband tier. The move seems to be focused on simplifying options in order to streamline and improve support, something the company has traditionally struggled with according to customer satisfaction rankings.

The new changes don't come at much of a price premium for some users, with the company's 30 Mbps tier costing just a few dollars more than their previous 15 Mbps offering. According to Charter, the standard 30 meg service will cost $50 a month, while their Ultra 100 will be an additional $60. The move does appear to be frustrating some of the users in our forums who were happy with slower speeds and slightly lower bills and say they don't need 30 Mbps.

All of that said, it should be interesting to see if a reduction in the number of speed tiers offered and the types of modems supported has a significant impact on Charter's traditionally low customer satisfaction rankings.

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