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Charter Stops Supporting Customer Owned Modems
And More Changes Customers Aren't Happy With
by Jerm 10:07AM Monday Jun 25 2012
Following on the heels of Charter's past history of dubious modem ownership record keeping and bricking of customer modems, Charter Sunday confirmed rumors - first leaked here in the Broadband Reports forums - that they will no longer be supporting customer-owned modems. Existing modem owners will be able to use their current modem until a package/price change occurs. New customers and customers that change their service as of Tuesday the 26th appear to be locked into a Charter modem. While no Internet package price details are available yet, the current $7 modem rental fee will go away and most likely be absorbed into the regular monthly fee.

Other changes include:
•No more Charter supported WiFi (temporary)
•No more multi-room DVR
No more stand-alone Charter phone service
•New TV Packages

As someone who has personally struggled with Charter's inability to recognize I owned my own modem -- reverting my owned modems to "leased" status (which was comical as one even had "Comcast" - not Charter - printed right on the modem!) I see this move as a way to simplify operations. As Charter puts it: 1) We want every Charter Internet customer to have the best on-line experience possible. 2) We thoroughly test every modem that we issue to customers to ensure they will perform optimally on our network. 3) By providing the modems, we can ensure that they all have the most up-to-date firmware. 4) As technological advancements are made, we can make sure every customer’s modem is upgraded accordingly.

The only problem in my opinion: Cable pricing has historically outpaced the rate of inflation many-fold, and this appears to be a thinly-veiled attempt at justifying what most certainly will be a price increase - stay tuned as you can bet the $7 modem rental fee will simply find it's way into the base price. More details should be forthcoming on Tuesday.

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