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Charter Sues DirecTV Over Bankruptcy Ads
Company insists it's not a 'sinking ship...'
by Karl Bode 10:01AM Tuesday May 12 2009 Tipped by marigolds See Profile
The St Louis Post-Dispatch reports this morning that Charter has filed suit against DirecTV seeking damages and an injunction over a recent DirecTV ad campaign. Charter claims the DirecTV ads infer that Charter's recent bankruptcy filing means Charter will soon go under, and that customers should flee to DirecTV in order to continue receiving television service. From the complaint:
...a number of ads claim that Charter's customers must be "saved" from Charter's bankruptcy, and depict DirecTV as their life-preserver or fire extinguisher — clearly implying the outright falsehood that Charter's customers should switch to DirecTV's competing service, because Charter is a figurative "sinking ship" or "going up in flames..."
Technically, Charter's ugly fight with creditors could end badly, resulting in the dissection and sale of Charter assets, but Charter repeatedly insists that customers will see no impact from the reorganization.

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