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Chattanooga EPB Ups Speed/Price Ratios
Gigabit Service Gets Price Cut, Other Tiers Get More Speed, Lower Price
by iansltx 09:32AM Monday Sep 17 2012
Chattanooga, Tennessee's power-utility-turned-FTTH-provider see (our user reviews) a few days ago shook up their speeds, potentially in anticipation of Comcast bringing their own improved cable speeds (and Metro Ethernet To The Home...more on that in a later article) to the market. The upgrade, which roughly coincides with Hackanooga, a hackathon centered on finding uses for gigabit FTTH speeds, is the second in EPB's history and puts EPB's speed-price ratio somewhere between Google Fiber and everyone else in the US. Or, put another way, in a very good place for everyone who can get utilities from EPB.

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The new tiers are as follows:
•30/30 -> 50/50 for $57.99
•50/50 -> 100/100 for $69.99
•100/100 -> 250/250 for $139.99
•Gigabit symmetrical for $349.99 -> $299.99

Gigabit service actually gets a bit less expensive, due I assume to percent-based bundling discounts, if you add local phone service into the mix.

By comparison, even Comcast's newly upgraded tiers (a response to FiOS Quantum) fall flat; $70 buys 50/10 on Comcast...or 100M symmetric on EPB. To get roughly-100M service (105/20 on Comcast) requires $115 per month plus modem rental; EPB offers 250M symmetric for only a few dollars more. Even Comcast's highest-end upcoming tier (305M down, 65M up) is eclipsed; EPB's gigabit tier is the same $300 per month, but offers much more speed in both directions.

With Hackanooga complete and EPB's second speed upgrade in place, it will be interesting to see what kind of services people figure out how to deliver over a network where, now, every subscriber can get 50 Mbps symmetric service, with 100M and even 250M speeds reaching a fair proportion of EPB users.

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