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Chattanooga Ready for FCC to Act Against State Broadband Bans
by Karl Bode 08:16AM Monday Jul 14 2014
New FCC boss Tom Wheeler has now stated several times he'd like to take aim at incumbent-ISP state laws that ban or prohibit towns and cities from deploying their own broadband. Chattanooga is ready for Wheeler to actually start following through with this promise any day now. The city wants to expand their successful 1 Gbps municipal broadband service to additional users, but finds themselves running up against protectionist Tennessee laws bought by the likes of Comcast and AT&T:
“We continue to receive requests for broadband service from nearby communities to serve them,” Bailey said. “We believe cities and counties should have the right to choose the infrastructure they need to support their economies."
We shouldn't have too long to wait to see if Wheeler's support of eliminating these protectionist laws has any substance to it.

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Chicago, IL

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Re: Wheeler Needs to Put Up

Why in the world would they want to do that? EBP is providing a SERVICE to it's customers, like roads or water or electricity. It doesn't even MATTER if it makes a profit. In fact, it SHOULDN'T make a profit. This is a SERVICE for CUSTOMERS, NOT a business who's job is to RAPE the customer for the benefits of the shareholders.The people of Chatannooga are fully aware of this, and yet they WANTED it anyway. The end result is THE PEOPLE get a HUGE BENEFIT, a GREAT SERVICE and a GREAT PRICE for something Comcast/ATT would NEVER in a million years consider doing. If they want to expand, more power to them. In fact, COMCAST and AT&T have LOST over 80% of their subscribers in area's where EBP is available. Comast and AT&T don''t evern bother to advertise there anymore, because their product IS SO MUCH WORSE than what EBP provides
The best way to defeat religion it to ignore it. Look at Ra/Thor/Zeus, they all thought they were forever.


Antioch, TN

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Wheeler talks a good game

but, in the end, he is just another cable industry shill.