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Cisco Responds to Automatic, Snooping Firmware Backlash
Update Does Not 'Actively Track, Collect or Store Personal Info'
by Karl Bode 10:32AM Monday Jul 02 2012
Last Friday we noted that a new Cisco automatic firmware update for some residential routers was causing no shortage of annoyance among users, since it automatically upgraded them to a firmware that required they log into the cloud to conduct even rudimentary router changes. Worse perhaps, the new firmware TOS allowed Cisco to track and sell all of your network and website activity. After howls of protest we've started to see more mainstream coverage of Cisco's controversial move.

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The company has since offered up a more concrete how to for users looking to downgrade their router to the amazing technological advances of yesterday (where you could, oh, just log into your router).

Cisco isn't commenting to news outlets about their decision but the company did make a blog post that effectively stated users really should like the new firmware, that they don't track users (yet) despite their TOS giving them the power, and that users who got the firmware should remember they signed up for automatic updates:
We also wanted to clear up any confusion about Cisco’s ‘opt in’ practices. Cisco Connect Cloud was delivered only to consumers who opted in to automatic updates. However, we apologize that the opt-out process for Cisco Connect Cloud and automatic updates was not more clear in this product release, and we are developing an updated version that will improve this process.
The blog post concludes that the company takes "feedback very seriously." So seriously that they've locked all comments for the blog post.

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NW Minnesota

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reply to ISurfTooMuch

Re: good deal

Great! Now it's necessary to place a Cisco home router behind a firewall to avoid the manufacturer screwing with it.


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

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race to skynet

Every vendor is out there racing to control everything plugged into your house. This is the network guys, the wireless guys, the cable companies, etc. They need to find revenue in no growth markets.

The wireless guys need to kill you on data, and smartphones.
The wireline guys want your home automation, your refrig, and anything else that can connect.
Cable guys are Mad Men, still in the 50-60's but they are emerging slowly.
Cisco wants to own the same and when they say free, they mean free until you are dependent upon it, and then they charge you dearly.

I work in IT, I see people fall into this trap daily and it's no different than a guy buying a $3m box or a $100 gateway.

It seems that there NEEDs to be some legislation to protect consumers because I'm sorry nobody can read the 40 pages TOS for every single item and make a decision. Even if Cisco doesn't farms and resell your data doesn't mean that the guy after Chambers won't. They will. Big Data is big $$$.