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Cogeco Raises Rates After Charging Overages
The benefits of limited competition made clear...
by Karl Bode 03:38PM Tuesday Jun 02 2009
Much to the chagrin of their customers, Canadian cable operator Cogeco recently implemented caps as low as 10GB per month, while charging users up to $2.50 per additional gigabyte. Like Time Warner Cable here in the States, the company seemingly felt it necessary to then subsequently insult their customers' intelligence by insisting the move wasn't about making money. If the low caps and high overages weren't enough, users in our Cogeco forum note the carrier is taking things one step further by raising prices on their standard (10Mbps, 60GB cap, $1.50 per GB overages) and Pro (16Mbps, 100GB cap, $1.00 per GB overages) tiers starting July 16 by $1 and $7 respectively. Like in the States, actions that laugh in the face of customer demand usually indicate too little competition. The rate hikes certainly aren't about making money.

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