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Cogent, Verizon Peering Dispute Leads to Netflix Issues
Cogent's a Very Familiar Name in These Kinds of Fights
by Karl Bode 12:44PM Tuesday Jun 18 2013 Tipped by FFH See Profile
If you're a Verizon customer that's having some Netflix performance issues lately, the likely culprit appears to be a peering spat between Verizon and Cogent Communications. GigaOM has managed to sniff out the dispute, quoting Cogent as saying Verizon is intentionally allowing the ten peering points they share with the company to degrade. Verizon isn't really commenting on the feud outside of issuing some basic quotes about their superior network, so the GigaOM story lacks any technical detail coming from Verizon's side. Cogent is certainly no stranger to disputes over peering, which involve companies exchanging equal (or quite often not so equal, resulting in these feuds) amounts of bandwidth for free.

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Netflix is now 30% of all internet traffic

And the data sent is all one direction, so netflix shops around to find the lowest transit costs, Cogent gets the bid ( and 100% of the $$ ) and then try's and shaft its free peering points with customers like Verizon and TWC.

Verizon said enough with this s*&t, its not even peering, its almost all outbound traffic on Cogent. This is Cogent trying to make money off other networks by NOT paying for the massive amount of traffic its contract with Netflix requires.

The model of shared traffic doesn't work when we have Netflix/YouTube which combined are over 40% of all the internet traffic and its all one way. Netflix should peer directly with the backbone of its customers, instead it looks for lowball contracts of company's like Level3 or Cogent that abuse there peering agreements for $$.