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Comcast 360 Video Won't Count Against Your Cap
Xfinity 360 Video Beta Expands to Microsoft, Comcast Employees
by Karl Bode 12:27PM Monday Mar 26 2012
As we noted back in October, both Comcast and Verizon were planning to offer some of their video content via broadband on the Xbox 360. Verizon's service has already launched but is somewhat lacking upon closer inspection, with customers needing an Xbox Live Gold subscription and both FiOS TV and Internet subscriptions to access about 26 channels -- which they can already get on existing set tops at higher quality. Comcast's now preparing their launch, and like Verizon the service will require you subscribe to both Xfinity TV and broadband services.

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There's no word yet on a full launch, but Engadget notes that the beta test has been expanding among Microsoft and Comcast employees. A poster over at the AVS forum noticed the Comcast website for the service is already up and running. It contains a FAQ with additional information including the fact that unlike Verizon, Comcast won't be offering live TV programs. The FAQ also notes that the service will not count against the Comcast 250 GB monthly cap:
Q: Will XFINITY On Demand content a customer views via the Xbox 360 go against their bandwidth cap?
A: No, since the content is being delivered over our private IP network and not the public Internet, it does not count against a customer’s bandwidth cap. XFINITYTV.com and the XFINITY TV app stream content over the public Internet and count toward the customer’s bandwidth cap.
Comcast has generally avoided any neutrality complaints since their run in with the FCC, going out of their way to ensure their Internet video-based services don't impact the cap -- thereby not giving their own services a leg up. While Comcast's arguing that this service runs over their private IP network so this isn't a neutrality violation, some may not see it that way. Then again, all they're really doing is using the 360 as a glorified cable box with less content than usual.

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