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Comcast 50Mbps To See Price Cut
To $99.95 when bundled and $115.95 standalone...
by Karl Bode 10:01AM Tuesday Jun 02 2009
An insider at Comcast tells us the company will soon be dropping the price on their rather pricey 50Mbps/10Mps tier, which currently costs $139.95 a month. Additional documentation obtained by Broadband Reports seemingly confirm the price cuts -- at least in California. The documents suggest that starting in the June 20 billing cycle, Comcast will be dropping the price of the tier from $139.95 to $99.95 if bundled with TV service and/or Comcast Digital Voice service, while dropping the price to $115.95 for the standalone 50Mbps service.

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We asked Comcast for comment and were told they have nothing to announce at this time. One source insisted that the prices would be official as of midnight last night, though as of this morning the Comcast website makes no reference to the new prices. In addition to the new 50Mbps pricing, indications are there should be a handful of small (as in less than a dollar) pricing reductions to a number of converter, cableCARD and service downgrade fees.

Rumors surfaced earlier this week that the carrier was preparing a new 100Mbps tier, so the timing for a 50Mbps tier price drop would seem appropriate. There's no indication that the company's 250GB cap will change anytime soon. Cablevision recently set the high watermark for the industry by offering a 101Mbps tier for $99 a month -- albeit with a $300 "activation fee."

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Higher speeds do not mean everyone will always consume more.
Exactly. I can't figure out why that's such a difficult concept for so many to grasp.

What I want, I want immediately. I don't want more of it, I just want it faster.

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Higher speeds do not mean everyone will always consume more.