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Comcast Bandwidth Meter Still A No Show
Company 'making some refinements' before launch...
by Karl Bode 08:42AM Friday Oct 30 2009
Last year around this time, Comcast implemented a 250 GB cap for all of their users, which was a welcome change -- given they'd been expecting customers to guess what constituted "excessive use" for much of the decade. Last year, the company said they'd be providing users with a bandwidth monitoring tool in January of 2009. We're now approaching December, and Houston Chronicle blogger Dwight Silverman notes the tool is still nowhere to be found. According to Comcast, they're still testing the tool among employees, "and making some refinements to the meter." "As you can imagine, we want the tool to be simple to use and accurate before we launch it," says the company, whose consumption FAQ still directs users to get the bandwidth meter offered free by Comcast as part of the McAffee security suite.

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