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Comcast Celebrates New Year With Broadband Price Hikes
Hike Depends on Market, Competition
by Karl Bode 03:31PM Monday Dec 31 2012 Tipped by RR Conductor See Profile
In addition to the inevitable (and sometimes bi-annual) increase in Comcast TV prices, the carrier is notifying out-of-contract customers that their broadband service will see a hike starting in the new year. According to user discussion in our forums, the price hikes vary depending on your market -- or more specifically the competition (or lack thereof) seen there.

Customers not under contract say their broadband service is seeing rate hikes ranging anywhere from 3% to 7%. For many users that only equates to a $2-$3 price hike, but when you factor in that Americans already pay more for broadband than most developed countries OECD data), those hikes add up quickly.

In many markets Comcast's only competition is much slower DSL. Even in markets where the company "competes" with better services like Verizon FiOS, Verizon's "wink wink" duopoly FiOS price hikes have been rampant, with Verizon's least expensive standalone FiOS tier costing $70 for just 15 Mbps.

Those hikes opened the door to Comcast hikes in turn.

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