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Comcast Confirms Our Scoop: 305 Mbps Coming Soon
Also Doubles Speed of 25 and 50 Mbps Tiers
by Karl Bode 12:39PM Tuesday Jul 24 2012
Last week we exclusively reported that Comcast would soon be offering users a new 305 Mbps downstream, 65 Mbps upstream tier intended to top Verizon's new Quantum offerings. Today Comcast confirmed that new tier in a press release stating the 305 Mbps offer will be dubbed "Xfinity Platinum Internet." According to the press release, the new service offer will be targeted at Comcast's northeast territories where they battle Verizon FiOS -- specifically Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Richmond, and New Jersey. The company hasn't yet specified a hard launch date, price, or whether you'll still face Comcast's 300 GB monthly cap for the service despite what we're guessing will be a very premium price tag. Confirming another early scoop by Broadband Reports, the company has announced they're also doubling the speed of the existing Xfinity Blast! and Extreme 50 customers at no additional charge, from 25 to 50 Mbps and 50 to 105 Mbps, respectively.

Update: It looks like the tier will be priced at around $300 a month.

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