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Comcast Customer Documents $360 in Bogus Unreturned Gear Fees
by Karl Bode 12:32PM Thursday Aug 14 2014 Tipped by newview See Profile
For years our users have complained of phantom Comcast charges -- especially Comcast's tendency to charge customers modem rental fees even when they own the modem. Another classic Comcast blunder is the tendency to charge users for unreturned equipment fees -- even when all of the equipment has very clearly been returned.

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A Reddit and Buzzfeed community member just experienced this very problem, and documented the entire annoying experience.

The customer clearly packaged up all Comcast equipment, obtained a receipt, and recorded a Comcast employee confirming receipt (all documented here), then was socked with the $360 in unreturned equipment fees anyway. The user also notes he was forced to pay a $960 termination fee:
Somewhat similar to Ryan Block's experience, it was VERY hard for me to cancel my account. It took me two attempts, ten days apart (a 24 minute phone call and a 31 minute phone call). Each time I tried to cancel, I was told repeatedly that I would have to pay the $960 Termination Fee. I protested strongly and firmly, pleading my case, to no avail. I finally gave up and in order to close my godforsaken account I had to very begrudgingly agree that I understood I would be charged a $960 Termination fee.
Again, none of this stuff is unique, it's only apparently just getting attention now as public annoyance grows at the Comcast Time Warner Cable merger. It doesn't change because Comcast doesn't face enough competition to force them to care, thus the same stories playing out over and over again for much of the last decade (not to mention the yearly promise from CEO Brian Roberts that things should start improving any day now).

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Jason Levine

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Document, Document, Document

The lesson here - and with all of these Comcast cancellation stories - is that you need to document, document, document. Record calls, keep receipts, and save all e-mails. Make sure you have a trail of documentation so when Comcast tries to charge you for X you can point to where they repeatedly said you wouldn't be charged for X.
-Jason Levine