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Comcast 'Deeply Disapointed' in Their Awful Customer Service
by Karl Bode 09:23AM Friday Apr 11 2014 Tipped by acadiel See Profile
The cable industry has historically found itself at the very bottom of customer satisfaction rankings across nearly all industries, in large part because of the constant rate hikes, but also because they simply don't want to pay for quality customer support. Comcast is no exception, and has spent most of the last decade trying to, as they put it, "combat consumer perceptions" that they're not very good at doing their job.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts seems to have popped up every few months or so over the last decade to make a promise that the company's rock-bottom customer satisfaction rankings are going to change soon -- yet they never do. With Comcast wanting regulatory approval for their Time Warner Cable acquisition, once again the company is promising everyone that customer service is a priority and will get fixed any day now:
Comcast Executive VP David Cohen told the Senate Judiciary Committee today that "it bothers us that we have so much trouble delivering a really high quality service level to customers on a consistent basis. It is not something we're ignoring." "We have spent billions of dollars over the last five years improving our networks to try to make them more reliable."..."We are deeply disappointed as to where we are."
Except reliable networks don't cure your customer satisfaction problems when you vehemently refuse to compete on price or spend serious money to improve your customer service systems, whether that's better training and support for front line support reps, or spending more money on better subcontractors so they don't fall asleep, kill anyone, torture kittens, dig in the wrong yard or blow up any laptops, dishwashers or homes.

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reply to battleop

Re: Karl, do you really believe this?

I don't think he is saying they condone it, it's that they don't give a damn, which makes them negligent. If you know your brother has a history of driving drunk and causing property damage and almost killing people, and he calls you up on Saturday night asking if he can borrow your car, and you say "sure, I'll just leave the keys in the visor, take it and go", then that makes you negligent for anything he might do. In the same way, there have been enough reports of this type that Comcast should know that they need to either use much better judgement in picking subcontractors (and maybe require significant penalties from a subcontractor when these types of events occur), or bring their installation/service back in-house and stop using subcontractors altogether.

If I were a cable company that hired subcontractors, I would write penalties right into the contract, for example:

- If the action of one of your employees cause the cable company to appear in a negative light in any commercial media outlet, you forfeit $100,000 in payment.

- If the action of one of your employees causes the cable or its insurer to have to pay to repair or replace property or structures, your forfeit 300% of the amount paid.

- If the action of one of your employees results in a felony conviction of that employee for an act that caused harm to a member of the public, customer or animal, you forfeit $1,000,000 ($10,000,000 in the case of the death of any person).

- All these penalties are cumulative (that is, a single incident could trigger multiple penalties), and a penalty for harm to a person or animal will be assessed separately for each person or animal harmed.

-In addition to all the above, you agree to indemnify the company for any civil actions brought as a result of the actions of your company or one of its employees, including all attorney's fees and costs.

If cable (and other utility) companies would put something like that into their contracts with subcontractors and enforce those provisions, you'd see subcontractors become a LOT more careful about who they hire and how they operate.
I refuse to believe that corporations are people until Texas executes one.

Bethel, CT

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Comcast is "deeply disappointed"?

Comcast Executive VP David Cohen told the Senate Judiciary Committee today .."We are deeply disappointed as to where we are."

If Comcast had truly wanted to fix its customer service, instead of just paying it lip service, then Comcast could have, and would have, fixed it years ago.

The issue is that Comcast sees only costs, and little profit, in fixing its customer service and, due to a government-granted duopoly or monopoly in most areas that Comcast serves, Comcast sees little reason to pay those costs.



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Who doesn't raise rates?

I'm currently a Comcast customer but over the years I have had WOW, Uverse, Dish, and DirecTV and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them raises their rates every year. Just like they all give you promotions and when they expire your rates go up. If you actually compare the non promotional prices of all of those different companies and are comparing apples to apples (don't compare the Comcast 50 meg speed with WOW's 15) then those non promo prices are very competitive. In some cases Comcast is less then those other companies.

If you want to bash the Comcast customer service then that's fine but to talk about them raising rates and not being competitive that's a load of crap because almost all cable, IPTV, and satellite companies do it and Comcast pricing at the promotional and final rates is certainly comparable to the companies I mentioned.



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reply to Camelot One

Re: Deeply Disapointed

They seem to be more interested in spending their money on lobbyists to reduce competition than spending it to improve their service.


Washington, IL
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Let's Face it...Customer Service is NOT a Comcast Priority

at all!!

Comcast is so much more concerned about acquisitions and growth, expansion into content ownership, and technical leadership.

In my opinion, their TW Cable proposal should be turned down solely because Comcast customer service seems to decline with each system purchase/merger. They just do not know how to handle it well.

AND Comcast is "deeply disappointed" in their customer service problem!!!
Wellllll....Who the heck else can fix their customer service problems, but COMCAST!!!


Houston, TX

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Karl you Slay me

Sometimes your writing style just nails it in a hilarious way.


Don't try to follow me, I have a cab waiting. EEEEEEEEradicator!

Camelot One
Greenwood, IN

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Deeply Disapointed

They don't give a rats ass about their lousy customer service. They are "Deeply Disapointed" when they get called out on it publicly, and the media runs the story.

Much like I was "Deeply Disapointed" back in college when someone pointed out the stupid shit I did while drunk. I didn't care until it was pointed out, and even then, it didn't stop me from doing the same thing the next weekend.