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Comcast Expanding Small Fiber to the Home Deployments
by Karl Bode 08:51AM Monday Jul 28 2014 Tipped by telcodad See Profile
Since 2012 Comcast has offered an ultra-fast speed option that started at 305 Mbps, then was bumped to 505 Mbps in late 2013. The service is technically a coaxial/fiber hybrid offering that isn't available to all users in a Comcast territory -- and it isn't cheap. It will run you $300 a month, and last I checked there's a doozy of an ETF (around $1k), a $250 activation fee and a $250 installation fee for good measure.

The company has been slowly expanding availability of this option for some time, even if (like telco "fiber to the press release" offerings) they primary focus remains on a very limited number of developments and highly-profitable apartment complexes. The Wall Street Journal appears to have just learned about this option this week, though couldn't get Comcast to comment on how many users this ultra-fast option is (or will be made) available to:
A Comcast spokeswoman confirmed the company has begun laying fiber to homes in new residential areas adjacent to its existing cable systems, noting the costs of building a brand-new, all-fiber network today are "similar" to building a traditional hybrid fiber-coax network. The spokeswoman declined to give details on how many customers will receive all-fiber services.
The steep price certainly is out of touch with offerings from some municipal builds and Google Fiber, neither of which challenge Comcast in the vast majority of their territory. Weak upstream speeds on traditional cable offerings also continue to fall well-short of fiber-based options.

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