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Comcast Explores Selling Electricity in Pennsylvania
by Karl Bode 08:37AM Thursday Jan 23 2014 Tipped by telcodad See Profile
In addition to its vast NBC media empire, Comcast is already the nation's largest TV provider, largest broadband provider, third largest phone company, and is also getting into the home automation and security business. Now the company is considering getting into the electricity business. According to a report from Greentech Media, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Chairman Robert Powelson revealed that Comcast is teaming up with a retail electric supplier in the state for an offering that could show up in the fourth quarter of this year. Comcast has yet to comment on the reveal, outside of confirming that "this is something we're exploring."

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Purcellville, VA
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XFinity Electricity Plan

New from XFinity - HD Electricity!

Service Fees:

Power Meter Rental - $5.99
Mr. Roberts needs a new skyscraper fee - $10.99
FCC Electric Boogaloo Blalgjgjbo Fee - $0.99

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+ Additional equipment rental.

XFinity Power Blast Extreme Wow - 1200KWH a month of electricity, help Mr. Roberts build a new skyscraper. Includes portrait of the Comcast Board of Directors to hang in your home.

Elizabethtown, PA

Re: XFinity Electricity Plan

Electric meter is an additional equipment fee, of course

Ashburn, VA
Don't forget to mention the special adapters required. You will need to used Comcast authorized appliances that use a proprietary plug. It will work with the Xbox One though.


Chicago, IL
Don't forget it they will be out for the install between 8am and 8pm

Ashburn, VA

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Re: XFinity Electricity Plan

said by odreian615:

Don't forget it they will be out for the install between 8am and 8pm

Yes, and just as you sit down on the porcelain throne to take a dump, the installer will call to verify your appointment. By the time you reach the phone it will have already gone to voice mail, and the technician will skip your house and move to the next appointment on his list.

After spending an hour bouncing around Comcast's "support" call centers, explaining over and over again to all those customer care personnel you're switched to that you don't have an account yet while giving them your phone number for the 7th time so they can look you up in the system; you will eventually be given a number to call to see if you can get the installer to return that day. But, of course, when you immediately call that number at 5:02 pm, you will be greeted by an automated message letting you know that the hours of operation are Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm, and your decision to take the day off work will have been in vain.

This process will have to be repeated, although the next earliest available appointment will be at least 2 weeks away.

Milford, CT
said by Zenit:

New from XFinity - HD Electricity!

Don't forget the wire maintenance fees, the taxes, the extra charges if you go over your electricity allotment for the month...

Princeton Junction, NJ
If you subscribe to Xfinity internet the power usage from your cable modem is free. If you use FiOS we will charge you double for your FiOS modem power.

If your power is out, we'll have you verify by turning a light on and off. Then we will send someone between 9 and 5 next Monday.

If your TV is tuned to NBC then its power usage is free.

If you use too much power per month then we will shut off your electricity for a year.

Greenville, SC

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Network Neutrality

Electrical appliance vendors can pay to have their equipment prioritized. For example, your Sony television may get 110V, but your Westinghouse set only 2V.

If you overrun your allowance, you will have cold water for the rest of the month and will have to cook over a fire. For a premium, your microwave can be activated, for popcorn only.

Elizabethtown, PA

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Re: Network Neutrality

Overage fees up the wazoo no doubt

"Our average customer uses the equivalent of one 60 watt light bulb daily while you used 1200 kwh this month"

Question everything
Westfield, MA


So does this mean you will get an intermittent power connection, and have to wait 3 to 5 business days to get it working. And if it goes out on a holiday or a weekend you are really screwed.


Glen Head, NY

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They Must Be Delusional

To think people love them so much they would want to give them even more business than they already get. As one of the posts above noted, one could probably expect all kinds of fees. Maybe even a "per outlet" fee for each electrical outlet in your home! Or you get 120V as basic service and pay extra to get 240V!
I support the right to keep and arm bears.

Miami, FL
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Re: They Must Be Delusional

Of course! They are the biggest for a reason and there is nothing you could do about it because at the end of the month you need your cable tv. You need that 105Mbps pipe to read email, you need it all baby because you deserve it.

$200+ a month? Whateva I am a G.


Tucson, AZ
I'm glad someone else gets it. Comcast's own greed will be their downfall eventually.

I used them for 5 years, and trust me, I would never use them for any service I have a choice with. (Matter of fact, I have decided Verizon, AT&T and Comcast will never receive a single penny from me, and I will not move to a location where those are the only options.) This will be their downfall. Fucking their customers may have worked well in the short-term but in the long-term, as they try to grow their business by offering new services where they don't have a monopoly already, that's going to crash and burn.


Albuquerque, NM


Comcast getting into the power business might be the only thing that saves them from failure. Cordcutters will eventually show the Cable systems that customers are sick and tired of the business model they set up. All money, poor customer service and all advertising all the time on your local media.
By the way go to Direct TV or Dish it's better!

Newton, NJ

Re: Shocking

There are cord cutters in the electrical world as well. Many people have solar installed along with a natural gas or propane generator. They then go 'off the grid'.
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Lincroft, NJ

An Electrifying Growth Opportunity for Comcast?

Also, a blog item on this on the MCN site:

An Electrifying Growth Opportunity?
By Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News - January 22, 2014

East Amherst, NY

Re: An Electrifying Growth Opportunity for Comcast?

This is essentially the beginnings of smartgrid and M2M which is going to mint billionaires all over the place. Someone is going to have to collect and analyze that data, and who owns those keys owns IP, and hence lots or revenue. Think of it as Facebook, instead the users are your TV, refrigerator, heater, LED light bulbs, etc... Actual electricity delivery is just a utility like the internet pipe really is. It's WHAT you can do w/ the dumb pipe that makes real money...

Des Plaines, IL

and if there meters don't work right they will get some smack down from laws

and if there meters don't work right they will get some smack down from laws covering Utility.

Elizabethtown, PA

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Re: and if there meters don't work right they will get some smack down from laws

Not a problem here in PA...they have the best government money can buy.

Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD

No question

If Comcast became my electric supplier I would move out of state. Period.
Comcast Guy

Harrisburg, PA

Sort of makes sense.

I know that there was a big power company in PA that poached a bunch of Comcast engineers to develop broadband through electrical outlets in the home. Not sure where that plan/technology is right now, but I can see why the two would go together if that was the case.

Lancaster, PA

Extra Fees

Will they have a higher price for Electric if you don't have TV service? This process works so well with the Internet.

Washington, IL

Who do I love more.....

The utility or the cable company??? They're both so wonderful to me!!!!


Re: Who do I love more.....

Plan A: $49.99/month for the first 12 months

"Enough electric to charge a whopping 1000 AAA batteries or recharge your cell phone 300 times."

Or run your fridge for two minutes

Wyoming, MI

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Have you power cycled your electric meter?

Comcast electric:
"No electricity? Have you power cycled your electric meter?"
"Let me send a refresh signal to your meter."
"Have you tried sticking a wet finger into an outlet to verify you have no electricity?"

Would anyone seriously trust CC/Xfinity to provide electricity in a reliable manner?

Carrington, ND

Re: Have you power cycled your electric meter?

Comcast transformer fire LOL.

Schuylkill Haven, PA

Your electricity is out?

"Your electricity is out? We can have a tech there a week from next Tuesday between 9am and 7pm. We guarantee we will be on time! Probably."

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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Nuke plants

Maybe they'll build more nuke plants. Better than that filthy controversial biomass plant they're proposing here.

We had no problems with Duane Arnold Energy Center in our backyard.

Maybe Comcast can name their Nuke plants after famous TV and Movie stars.
I've experienced ImOn (when they were McLeod USA), Mediacom, Comcast, and Time Warner and I currently have DirecTV. They are much better than broadcast TV.

I have not and will not cut the cord.
Quakertown, PA

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I know most of you are joking.

But for those that dont understand electric deregulation in Pennsylvania. Comcast would only serve as a paper supplier and have zero to do with the actual supply of electricity or the means for the billing. They would be joining about ten other companies in the venture. Comcast would have zero control of any fees that could even be added as the local electric supplier controls all that. Electric deregulation is a joke and has done nothing but increase our bills. Deregulation has turned into just another hand to feed on the food chain.