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Comcast: Integrating Verizon Services a Challenge
Company Moving Slowly to Make Sure Support Works
by Karl Bode 06:30PM Tuesday Mar 06 2012
Comcast's new deal with Verizon to sell Verizon LTE service to cable customers is now live in three markets: Seattle, Portland and the San Francisco. Users in those markets are offered a small discount if they bundle Verizon LTE, usually in the form of a $300 prepaid VISA gift card. Getting the two companies' billing and support systems in line to support the offering is a considerable challenge according to Comcast's Cathy Avgiris, who notes that they're taking it a little easy at first to make sure the whole effort works from a sales, billing and support perspective:
We intentionally did not do a lot of demand-stimulation with a lot of marketing to make sure we could process orders and make sure we could make it an easy transaction and an easy experience for the customer to be able to buy everything together in a bundle. The marketing -- the out of home and on TV and print -- just started (on Feb. 13). We took the first three weeks to make sure that we could get our scripts right and focus on training our reps on how to pitch the Verizon Wireless services. We also assisted Verizon Wireless sales agents as well as retail reps to transition to sell-in the triple play. That's been what we've been focused on -- truly operationalizing this partnership.
Avgiris also notes they're taking things slowly so they can see just what kind of bundle discounts most appeal to customers. Have any of our readers bundled Comcast and Verizon services yet? Is there an ideal promotion you'd like to see?

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Is there an ideal promotion you'd like to see?
What Id like to see is Comcast and Verizon ACT like competitors. I can easily see a VZ wireless rep say something like " dont get FioS, sign up for the Comcast quadruple Play. " Wherever the BIGGER COMMISSION is, right ?
Chanhassen, MN

Re: IDEA !

Don't believe this has rolled out to any area that has fios available and it wouldn't make $en$e for VZ to sell Comcast services in area that fios is already available. Now all those dsl only areas VZ sold last year to Fairpoint and Frontier,they are screwed.

Not only did Fairpoint and Frontier get stuck with ancient high maint. plant and a ton of debt but now VZ is teaming up with the cable company they have to compete with in their area. Sucker born every minute and they must all be on the boards of Frontier and Fairpoint.
Looking at the bigger picture

Re: IDEA !

I have also heard that this is (not yet) in FIOS areas but I think it will be soon. It does make $en$e if you consider that Verizon has stopped the FIOS build-out and has stated that they only want to be a wireless company. They are distancing themselves from wireline in every way possible.

I agree with ITALIAN926, they should be acting like competitors... not partners. This is bad for the consumer.
Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
·Embarq Now Centu..

One call to order two overpriced services!

No deal here! What a pain in the ass if subscriber wants to move to a non Comcast service area, if they have a Comcast Verizon Bundle? Will subscriber be stuck with having to sign a new contract with Verizon to continue their Cellular service or pay a huge ETF to cancel.

Parker, CO


Noticed that Cox was hiring managers to manage the sale of Verizon wireless products alongside Cox cable products.

Recently did some research and only 47% of households were passed by either FiOS or U-verse. Both Verizon and ATT have said they are ceasing further deployment of fiber (too expensive). Seems to me that they have relegated wireline to cable and wireless to themselves.