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Comcast Latest to Test Super Ultra Mega DVR
by Karl Bode 08:52AM Wednesday Jul 09 2014
Instead of competing on price, Cablevision and Verizon FiOS have recently been competing on which company's DVR can record the most content simultaneously. Verizon, for example. has been crowing that their "Quantum DVR" can record up to twelve programs at once (if you get two, six-tuner boxes). Not to be outdone, users in our forums say they're seeing ads for a new Comcast DVR that allows users to record and watch fifteen programs at once.

Comcast has confirmed that the option is now being piloted in the Northeast:
Comcast, which has been touting the expanded digital video recorder in local TV ads and Internet promotions of X1, confirmed that it recently began to pilot the new option in its 14-state Northeast region, which includes systems serving parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.
The catch? You'll need to rent three "X1" DVRs (at $20 per pop or so) to get this functionality. It's not clear how widely this kind of functionality appeals to users, most of whom would much prefer their cable operator compete on price.

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reply to Happydude32

Re: Does anyone even need this?

That's insane. You are watching WAY too much TV. Even with 3 roommates and myself, we are fine with 4 tuners. There were a few times during the Olympics and March Madness that I had to get creative with scheduling, but we made it work. 6 would have been nice. 15 is just nuts. Also, 1.5TB isn't nearly enough for that many tuners!

Jason Nealis
Herndon, VA

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Three DVR'S?

Hell , your power bill goes up as well with your DVR fee's... lol.. Silly to stack DVR's.. I hope they continue this "Tuner War"
Jason Nealis,
V.P. Engineering and Operations

Soddy Daisy, TN

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Does anyone even need this?

Granted I haven't had cable TV in over 3 years, but are there even 15 shows on TV at the same time worth watching? Best I can figure, there are maybe 6 over an entire year worth watching.
RIP Dad (10-28-1955 to 4-10-2010)