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Comcast Makes Final Four in Consumerist 'Worst Company' Award
Must Defeat Bank of America, TicketMaster & EA For Ultimate Honor
by Karl Bode 02:33PM Friday Apr 05 2013 Tipped by newview See Profile
"After more than two weeks of dismemberment, disembowelment, and all-around good family fun, this year’s Worst Company In America tournament nears its finale, with only four contenders remaining with a chance at claiming the ultimate victory and clutching the Golden Poo," proclaims the Consumerist website. The site's Worst Company in America award has come down to Comcast, Ticketmaster, EA, and Bank of America. For the second year running, AT&T has caught a break by being matched up against the even-more-disliked EA, who could be propelled to victory this year on the back of their SimCity DRM launch debacle. AT&T's decision to hang up on DSL users and con several states into becoming broadband backwaters apparently isn't quite the same headline grabber as crappy game DRM and obnoxious in-game microtransactions.

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Re: All a formality

The difference between Bank of America and EA is EA is destroying virtual cities and Bank of America is destroying real cities.