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Comcast Mum On New Bandwidth Tracker
Tells us it's still in the oven, no word on date...
by Karl Bode 04:30PM Friday Jan 02 2009
Last May, we broke the news that Comcast would be implementing a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap. In October, that cap went live without an official usage monitor. Last December, a Comcast insider leaked us word (and screenshots) of a new bandwidth meter they told us would go live January 5 (next Monday). According to our source, the tool won't show bandwidth usage in real time, but will operate under a three hour delay. It will also retain three months of bandwidth usage records, and will come with the option of monitoring multiple MAC addresses.

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When asked for comment this afternoon on whether the tool drops next week, Comcast would only confirm that the meter is still being worked on. The company wouldn't confirm the January 5 launch date, or provide a more specific launch window.

"We have not officially announced anything about launching the meter on a specific date," says spokesman Charlie Douglas. "We are working on a meter and I can confirm that we are currently running an employee trial," says Douglas.

"As soon as the trial is complete and we are completely satisfied with the tool, then we will launch it," he says. "Until then, customers can use the meter included with our McAfee Security Suite or they can download and use a variety of meters that exist online."

If it doesn't drop on Monday it shouldn't be too long of a wait. Comcast continues to insist that less than 1% of their users should ever brush against this cap. If you're one of those, or you're just curious about the new meter, keep your eye peeled on the Comcast excessive use FAQ.

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