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Comcast Needs a Reminder: They Operate With Public Permission
by JTRockville 12:31PM Wednesday Mar 31 2004
Satisfaction ratings of the entire cable industry, particularly Comcast, have been dismal. In response, Comcast has launched an ad campaign, and a "Think Customer First" internal program.

At least one critic remains skeptical.

'Michael G. Cherenson, vice president of the Livingston, N.J.-based public relations firm Cherenson Group, said that cute commercials were a start, but that only a companywide, sustained attitude change would reverse people's negative perception of a firm.

"The role of public relations is to remind business that they operate with the permission of the public," said Cherenson, whose firm is not involved with Comcast's campaign.

Comcast, then, "needs to make that kind of shift in perspective," he said.'

Read the full story at the Miami Herald:
Comcast Vows to Improve Its Customer Service
By Akweli Parker, The Philadelphia Inquirer Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News


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New face of Comcast customer service

Things are changing at Comcast on the customer service front. Customer service means every single person in the company, not just phone reps. You will begin to see a shift in the way issues are handled. There will be faster responses, kinder voices, and more support just to name a few of the changes. This is an unprecedented move by the largest cable operator in the US. This change in philosophy will positively affect all customers.

The curmudgeonly
Parkville, MD

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Re: New face of Comcast customer service

All of that is just window dressing if the information/help given continues to be stupid, brain-dead or just plain wrong.

Honi soit qui mal y pense

Federal Way, WA

Re: New face of Comcast customer service

I,m 62 and just retired.I wonder how long it would take to get there so called senior discount.what was it$1.00,oh boy:D:D
Terry D.



Re: New face of Comcast customer service

said by oldTDNickell5:
I,m 62 and just retired.I wonder how long it would take to get there so called senior discount.what was it$1.00,oh boy:D:D

A lot of other areas aren't even offered a senior discount. However some of the "ignorant" younger generation would say such a discount is considered age discrimination.

Data Ho
Rockville, MD

Re: New face of Comcast customer service

As far as senior/disability discounts go, I guess customers still need to "think franchise authority first".

Modesto didn't,

said by Tim Moran, Bee Staff Writer, March 23, 2004:
Comcast's upgrade ends special rates


One particularly sensitive special rate had been given to some senior citizens on Social Security and disability. The qualifying seniors reportedly paid about $25 for "basic expanded" service.

At some point in the past, a cable operator discontinued the rate, but promised those who were already on it that they could keep the lower rate.

Fewer than 100 customers of about 50,000 still have the rate, Gonzales said.

"These are special rates defined by previous owners. We don't really know what the criteria was at the time," Gonzales said.

"What they were getting no longer exists under Comcast's upgraded services. The channels and prices are different," she added.

but Lompoc did

said by Franchise Agreement Between the City of Lompoc and Comcast Cablevision of Lompoc, LLC (pdf):
6.6 Non-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity.

Different rates may be offered to commercial or bulk rate subscribers, and provided further that reduced rates shall be offered to the disabled and senior citizens.


There will be faster responses, kinder voices, and more support just to name a few of the changes.
I want to make some joke about management being kinder and responding faster here, but am too serious at this point.

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Getting there...

·Verizon FiOS

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This will be wonderful

If it truly happens

I would also like to see some sort of special phone# or email or some place where customers can give thanks and praise for those employees who go that extra mile for us and we can be sure they will get recognition for it

ComCast Poor Service

ComCast was called because on their change I was not receiving some of the channels. I called once and was told the problem would be fixed in 48 hours. At the end of the 48 Hours I called again and was told it would be fixed by 6PM that day. Well it still is not fixed and I was lied REPEAT LIED to by ComCast employees twice. Their service is not getting better. They are just lying more. Any other business would not be in business with this service.