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Comcast Offering 250 Mbps in Provo for $80
by Karl Bode 04:31PM Wednesday Aug 28 2013
Earlier this month we exclusively reported that Comcast was already responding to Google Fiber's entry into the Provo, Utah market with several bundle promotions, including a triple play bundle of 105 Mbps service, TV, and either Xfinity Voice or Xfinity Home Secure for $120 a month for three years. Our source also told us Comcast would be offering several double play options ranging from $70 to $100 that bundle 105 Mbps service with various TV packages.

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Jesse Harris over at the Free Utopia blog says he has also spoken with a Comcast rep that claims Comcast will be offering 250Mbps down, 50Mbps up for $70 a month exclusively in Provo:
Competition is good, and Comcast is just now proving it. I spoke with one of their sales guys who confirmed that Comcast will be offering a package of 250Mbps/50Mbps for $70 starting in September, but only in Provo. (Sorry, everywhere else.) This is in direct response to Google Fiber coming to town and will include a new modem with a built-in 802.11ac router to take advantage of the speed bump. It’s unknown if this speed tier will land in any other cities in the future.
Like Time Warner Cable, Comcast is (at least with the home security bundle) locking users into contracts ahead of Google's arrival. While Comcast is offering a quarter of the speed (less on the upstream) for the same price that Google Fiber offers a symmetrical 1 Gbps connection, it's still pretty good considering that no Google Fiber customers in Provo are even online yet.

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Hazelwood, MO

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So suddenly.....

they are able to offer their services of 250/50Mbps for the amazing price of only $70? And they can only do it in Provo?

Surely this is because the city of Provo is picking up the rest of the tab for users. How else could they possible offer so much for so little?

FCC and Congress take note you morons! Competition brings faster speeds and lower cost and this is very clear evidence. Now get your heads out of your lobbyists asses and get to work on bringing this kind of competition EVERYWHERE.

One other thing.... this is clearly predatory pricing which should be addressed as well. Let them show that their expenses to serve Provo suddenly dropped so much that they could reduce their prices like this.