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Comcast Offers IPTV Service to College Campuses
by Karl Bode 02:50PM Friday Aug 22 2014
Late last year Comcast began testing an IPTV service called Xfinity on Campus, which provides around 80 channels, premium channels, and VOD services over campus broadband networks. Multichannel News notes that Comcast this week took the service out of trial status and began deploying it to select college campuses nationwide.

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“We’re excited about the opportunity that it creates. It’s kind of a new manifestation of what a cable service can be,” Comcast says of the project. “We think it’s very relevant to students and of universities who want to consume television on their terms."

The service is included in college students' tuition fees. Comcast also claims the service is "a great way to introduce ourselves to our next generation of customers."

Except that when those users get into the real world, they won't have access to the same types of service. Comcast, like most major ISPs, has refused to offer pure IPTV over the top service for fear of cannibalizing traditional TV viewers.

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Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD

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reply to ISurfTooMuch

Re: Comcast Service

said by ISurfTooMuch:

Yep, and since it's IPTV, they don't need to maintain much infrastructure. Just provide the data, and let the campus networks move it.

The campus should charge Comcast to deliver it's data ... just like Comcast charges Netflix to deliver theirs.

Pittsburgh, PA
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The two Comcasts

Comcast as a business company is basically the largest collection of scumbags and jagoffs on the planet. ISIS is more popular than Comcast.

Comcast as an engineering firm is actually fairly legit. IPv6 early adoption, IPTV to places they cannot normally reach, experimental xfinitywifi thing, on-demand pioneering, and etc. They try.

The company is very fragmented.
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On the next level..

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yeah, no.

So...in addition to student loan debt, the can experience the pain and suffering of being a Comcast customer.