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Comcast Planning Speed Changes in Northeast (Confirmed)
Extreme 50 Going to 105 Mbps in Northeast
by Karl Bode 08:39AM Wednesday Jun 20 2012
An anonymous tipster (so take that for what it's worth since we've been unable to confirm this with any of our usual sources) insists in our forums that there's a suite of speed hikes coming -- at least for Comcast users in the Northeast. "Comcast is changing their blast and extreme 50 tiers in the northeast only," suggests the tipster.

"Blast is going to 50 download and extreme 50 goes to 105 download. Extreme 105 goes away and customers get a price decrease," he says. We'll let you know if the claims pan out. According to the source, these changes will occur in ninety days and notifications are being sent out soon.

With Verizon's recently speed hike Comcast now has some catching up to do -- particularly on the upstream side of the equation.

Update: User gate1975mlm See Profile was so kind as to post this recording of a regional radio ad acknowledging that the updates are indeed coming.

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