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Comcast Rate Hike Season Returns
Atlanta Sees Their Second Hike This Year
by Karl Bode 10:42AM Tuesday Sep 11 2012 Tipped by newview See Profile
Numerous readers are writing in to note they're once again being informed by Comcast that their cost of cable is going up. In Atlanta, users are being told they'll soon see another $3 hike on cable TV -- the second rate hike so far this year. In Oregon, this will be the first price hike of the year for Comcast (they usually do so twice) and the hike itself is less, but it's being countered by looming increased prices for broadband services. As is usually the case, Comcast is sending out a statement to the press insisting the hikes are necessary due to network upgrades and higher programming costs. The full statement:
Despite working hard to keep down our prices, we are continuing to experience increased costs, including rising programming expenses, while also investing in next-generation technologies that deliver new innovations. Customers today are demanding and getting more value than before and more service from Comcast, and they're using more of it: more high-definition programming, more video on demand, more channels, more sports, more content available on multiple devices like smartphones and tablets.

This year alone, we've added 15 new channels in in metro Atlanta - including Disney Junior, ShopNBC and ESPN Goal Line - and made our programming available on additional screens. And over the past few years, we've locally invested $75 million in our network to deliver those next generation services.

Cable continues to be one of the best values for consumers' entertainment dollars. At just a few dollars a day, cable is about the price of a cup of coffee and significantly less expensive than taking a family to the movies or a sporting event."
How many price hikes can a company impose before the word "value" loses its meaning?

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