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Comcast Reaches 100% Residential IPv6 Deployment
by Karl Bode 01:05PM Monday Aug 18 2014 Tipped by whfsdude See Profile
While Comcast certainly has its faults, the cable giant has led the way when it comes to IPv6 deployment while many larger ISPs have napped. Comcast recently announced they've officially completed their residential IPv6 deployments, and around 30% of their customers are now actively running IPv6. The company says they expect customer adoption to reach around 50% by the end of next year.

"The deployment of IPv6 is a critical step in supporting the growing needs of the Internet, as IPv4 resources, engineered and brought to fruition over 30 years ago, continue to dwindle due to the explosion of devices hooked into the global network," states the company.

For those interested, the Internet Society recently released the latest breakdown of IPv6 adoption rates by carrier, noting that Verizon Wireless has reached 53.55%, AT&T has reached 20%, and Time Warner Cable has reached 10%.

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reply to BiggA

Re: Who cares

said by BiggA:

That's far from claptrap. I'm just calling it like it is. IPv6 was a stupid idea from the get go, and still is a stupid idea. I doubt IPv4 will go away in any meaningful way in 20 or 30 or 40 years. There's just no reason to get rid of it.

Actually it is nothing but claptrap. Only a moronically stupid person would advocate for layers of NAT. Opinions from morons are worth -2 cents.



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reply to BiggA
said by BiggA:

Few users are even using IPv6. I have it disabled on my router, and I will keep it that way until I'm forced to move to IPv6. But that's going to be a LONG, LONG time away, since there's no need for IPv6, so everything that matters will continue using IPv4 for the foreseeable future. There's no shortage of IPs with CGN, so the whole over-hyped IP problem really isn't a problem after all.

The usual claptrap nonsense. Clueless as hell but not surprising.


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

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reply to whfsdude

Re: Other Cool Stats

That is because of LTE. It would have been foolish to deploy IPv4 on that.

As for residential, Verizon is in no rush because they have a crapload of v4 IP's. In the meantime, I tried tunnel 6to4 (ok lots of caveats), but I'm more concerned w/ DNS security and hence run my own DNS server.

I certainly think them doing v6 is great, but I think most people would cheer raising the 300GB cap. Seems to me everything is getting better on the network, except the caps.



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What about others?

I wonder when will Optimum and Verizon deploy IPv6? Optimum didn't even start (they even ignored the IPv6 day campaign). Verizon kind of started, but halted the effort.

Washington, DC

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reply to IPPlanMan

Re: Pretty cool...

said by IPPlanMan:

TWC trails... Who would have guessed?

The Sprint of MSOs?


Mount Juliet, TN

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reply to rocafellanrd

Re: Well now everyone else needs to learn about it.

The area where customers really don't care..... Comcast is #1.

Sounds about right.



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Well now everyone else needs to learn about it.