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Comcast Really Doesn't Want 'Worst Company' Award This Year
Letters Urge Employees to Vote Multiple Times Across Devices
by Karl Bode 10:20AM Thursday Mar 24 2011 Tipped by Alcohol See Profile
The folks over at the Consumerist annually now run their "Worst Company in America Tournament" (you can find the complete competition bracket here), a light-hearted way to allow annoyed consumers to vent some of their accumulated angst. You'll perhaps recall that Comcast won the award last year, going so far as to beat out companies like Ticketmaster and Bank Of America for the "honor."

Eager to avoid a repeat, the Consumerist notes that Comcast has sent out numerous memos urging employees to stuff the ballot box over at the website. While the letters make it clear that such voting is voluntary, they do urge employees to vote via multiple devices, while reminding them to vote for the other company, in case the concept confused them:
Our great company has been nominated by The Consumerist as one of the "Worst Companies in America in 2011" in their annual survey. We have all been working very hard to create a customer experience that we are proud of and need to come together to send a strong message that we simply don't deserve this title. . . Feel free to vote from the office and at home on your personal computers and laptops. You can also vote via the web browser on your cell phones, iPads, tablets and other web-enabled wireless devices. When you cast your ballot, vote for the other company. Remember, you're voting for the "Worst Company in America."
Of course if Comcast's customer improvement efforts are actually working, there should be no need to stuff the ballot box, right? Apparently the effort is not working anyway. Comcast is beating Charter in the first round of voting by a significant margin. Time Warner Cable has also beaten Facebook in the first round.

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If you don't suck

then you don't have to tell your employees to stuff the ballot box.