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Comcast Shaking Up Speed Tiers (Again)
Seven Delicious Flavors In DOCSIS 3 Upgraded Markets
by Karl Bode 04:26PM Wednesday Feb 23 2011
As Comcast has worked on pushing DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades and the new Xfinity product branding across their markets, they continue to tinker with and tweak the speed tiers offered in order to find the sweet spot. A source inside Comcast tells Broadband Reports that the company's DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades continue, and that Comcast expects to be able to offer their top of the line 105 Mbps tier in about half of their markets by the middle of this year.

This source also informs us that Comcast is once again shifting their speeds around somewhat in DOCSIS 3.0 upgraded markets, all of which will eventually have these choices if they don't already:

Economy - 1.5 Mbps downstream, 384 kbps upstream
Economy Plus - 3 Mbps downstream, 768kbps upstream
Performance Starter - 6 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream
Performance - 15 Mbps downstream, 2 Mbps upstream
Blast - 25 Mbps downstream, 4 Mbps upstream
Extreme - 50 Mbps downstream, 10 Mbps upstream
Extreme 105 - 105 Mbps downstream, 20 Mbps upstream

Documents provided to Broadband Reports suggest Economy Plus is only a retention tier for users who call in complaining of high prices, and may not be available in all markets. Like many ISPs, prices vary based on regional competition (or a lack thereof), and what additional services you're willing to bundle, including TV, voice, or Comcast Internet2Go wireless service if offered in your market.

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