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Comcast Takes Heat for Huge Lawn Utility Cabinets
After Mocking AT&T for Them Several Years Earlier
by Karl Bode 02:24PM Thursday Nov 08 2012 Tipped by AndyDufresne See Profile
Over the years several communities have gotten upset about the AT&T VRAD cabinets required to deliver the company's U-Verse FTTN/VDSL service. In some areas, complaints involved anger of AT&T ignoring easement rights or childhood traffic dangers, while in other markets the complaints have been aesthetic or property-value driven. In Illinois, groups like Stop The Box fought to have a say in VRAD placement, with AT&T finally going so far as to agree to pay $1,500-$2000 for landscaping surrounding each box.

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Now Comcast is baring the brunt of residents of historic Georgetown who are upset about new utility boxes residents say are ugly and were installed without Comcast following the proper procedures:
Any change to public space in historic Georgetown must first, by law, be reviewed and approved by the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts and the Old Georgetown Board. Permits for the work were never submitted to either entity, according to the federal panel’s secretary, Thomas Luebke, who said in an interview that there is “no question” that the boxes fall under the panels’ jurisdiction. He added that the size of the utility boxes and the scope of the project were “unprecedented."
We might be the only ones who remember that Comcast ran ads in several AT&T U-Verse markets attacking AT&T because their "lawn fridges" were unsightly, reduced property values, and angered local communities.

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