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Comcast Unveils 'New' Logo
Which is Essentially Just the Old NBC Logo
by Karl Bode 09:55AM Tuesday Dec 11 2012
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Comcast has unveiled their new logo, which heavily incorporates the familiar NBC peacock. The logo popped up on the company's website yesterday, and will soon be appearing on company business cards, trucks, and buildings. A Comcast employee familiar with the plans tells Broadband Reports that the Xfinity brand for individual telecom services won't be changing. Comcast acquired NBC last year for $13.8 billion with the help of then FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker, who immediately turned around and became a Comcast lobbyist. Comcast was subsequently fined $800,000 for failing to adhere to deal conditions.

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Riverside, NJ

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Re: Kreative

I still wish Comcast had succeeded in buying Disney way back when. Then we'd have this:


The Comcast Disney Avatar has been retired.