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Comcast Usage Meter Still A No Show
Usage tool still being tested in employee homes...
by Karl Bode 10:00AM Friday Jul 24 2009
Late last year we were the first outlet to offer screenshots of Comcast's new bandwidth meter, a belated companion to Comcast's 250GB per month consumption cap. One source insisted the tool was to be made available last January, but Comcast told us the meter was still being tested in employee homes. It's now almost August and Comcast tells Josh Lowensohn at CNET that yes, the tool is still being tested in Comcast employee homes:
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According to a Comcast representative whom I spoke with earlier Tuesday, it's still not ready for prime time, and is undergoing further employee trials before being released to the public.
We'd rib the cable giant, but then again if a carrier's going to impose caps, a meter that's late and works is better than one that's early and broken. Canadian provider Cogeco recently implemented a metering system that didn't work properly, annoying customers suddenly facing low caps and high overages.

While many carriers are very excited to cap users and charge them by the byte, apparently actually doing so (particularly in real time) isn't quite as easy as anticipated. Time Warner Cable's promised consumption meter, which the company proclaimed would "educate" users as to the benefits of metered billing, is also so far a no show.

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