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Comcast Users Can Get a Sneak Peek at New X2 Set Top Right Now
by Karl Bode 08:10AM Wednesday Oct 02 2013
Users in our Comcast forum have discovered a way to get an early sneak peak at the GUI for Comcast's new X2 set top box. Users with the company's relatively new X1 set top box (slowly making its ways to most Comcast markets) purportedly can press Exit, Exit, 9,2,9,2 on their remotes in order to load an early build of the X2's new design. Not all of the functionality is available (like the program recommendation engine) and the apps appear buggy (since it's technically not released), though users seem impressed with the speed of the GUI. The X2 is officially supposed to arrive to some Comcast customers "later this year," and will include a number of new bells and whistles including the ability for remote cloud DVR storage.

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Decatur, GA

Is X2 a software only upgrade?

I'm a few days away from getting an X1 and paying the $40 install. Just wondering if the full feature X2 is just a software upgrade, or will there be a box swap and another $40.

Karl Bode
News Guy

Re: Is X2 a software only upgrade?

I was originally under the impression the X2 was new hardware, but it doesn't look like it...

C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE
·Verizon FiOS

Re: Is X2 a software only upgrade?

It is only a software upgrade. And, now that you made this public (LOL) - Comcast is now disabling the shortcut with a new Server build that's being staggered out.

I lost the ability on 1 of my boxes this AM.
"ONE team - ONE city - ONE dream!!"

Karl Bode
News Guy

Re: Is X2 a software only upgrade?

Crap. Sorry for being a buzzkill.



Comcast's destructive DVRs

Does the X2 trash the HDMI ports of receivers and televisions you hook it up to? 'Cause that's exactly what happened when I made the mistake of connecting a Crapcast Motorola DCX3400 DVR to my system recently. Completely fried the receiver and TV's HDMI ports.

Never, EVER let Comcast hardware into your home...

Tucson, AZ

Re: Comcast's destructive DVRs

That sounds like a Motorola issue not Comcast.


Sounds like the line to your house wasn't grounded properly

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
thats got nothing to do with comcast or a new guide.
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Re: Comcast's destructive DVRs

Really? Comcast isn't responsible when their hardware breaks a customer's property?

Gee, why did they knuckle under and pay for the damage after I produced the technical evidence? They sure wanted me to shut up quickly about something that "has nothing to do with Comcast."

Comcast's DVRs have a long history of badly-implemented HDCP. Bricking HDMI ports in customers' gear isn't common, but it's not unheard-of, either.

Reading, PA

They should institute a beta / cutting edge program

Right now DirecTV is the ONLY provider that offers an opt-in "Cutting Edge" program. I don't understand why other companies wouldn't want to offer this.

Allow the advanced, technical savvy users who like to tinker, play and beta test new things opt into this. Then the operator such as Comcast can build in tracking and reporting tools into beta builds to help improve the software. Open an online forum and take bug reports, suggestions, and real world user data to help improve the software offering. Everybody wins. Comcast ends up with real world testing and lots of valuable feedback to make things better. Advanced users looking for cutting edge / beta testing new designs, features and software revisions can satisfy that urge of opting in when they want to explore and trial new and upcoming software releases.