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Comcast Users Getting Fed Up With Poor Netflix Performance
by Karl Bode 02:29PM Wednesday Feb 12 2014
While a lot of the focus lately has been on the dismal Netflix streaming performance on Verizon, Comcast users would apparently like you to know that their Netflix streaming experience lately has been equally abysmal. Both companies were recently hammered in Netflix's recent ISP streaming rankings, though Verizon got most of the negative press attention courtesy of the recent (not really substantiated) claims that they're intentionally throttling Netflix traffic, something even Netflix now says they don't think is happening.

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On the Comcast front, some annoyed users have tried unsuccessfully to claim Comcast is also throttling Netflix, though as with Verizon the evidence just isn't there.

Whatever the cause, Comcast users this week directed more than a little Netflix streaming angst in the direction of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Many of them point out that streaming on Amazon or other services doesn't seem to have the same problems:
Anthony Domanico, a St. Paul-based technology journalist, also sees better performance with Amazon streaming than with Netflix, which he said is plagued with a less-than-optimal video resolution and frequent pauses to reconnect with Netflix's servers. This problem has persisted since November, he said. "Amazon streams perfectly in 1080p" resolution, said Domanico, who uses Netflix on his iPad Air and on his TV via an Apple TV streaming device. But "Netflix struggles to connect and more often drops to 720 or 480" -- affecting picture quality.
While Verizon has so far blamed either Internet bogeymen or vaguely implied Netflix is at fault, Comcast has refused to comment. At this juncture it would be nice if ISPs or Netflix would actually start explaining who is dropping the ball, instead of refusing to comment to the media (or mumbling under your breath at Wall Street analysts) in the hopes that nobody notices that somebody along the chain is doing a crap job delivering video bits.

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Hazelwood, MO

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I am experiencing the exact same issues with uVerse and have been for a few months now.

Amazon streams fine, Netflix blows goats.

I am debating on going to Charter (not because of this), but if I decide not to play that game of Russian roulette or it does the same then I will be cancelling Netflix as it is worthless as it stands.

Snohomish, WA

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Show me...

...some PROOF.
today's speculation is no better than yesterday's or last weeks.
"On the Comcast front, some annoyed users have tried unsuccessfully to claim Comcast is also throttling Netflix, though as with Verizon the evidence just isn't there.

Netflix could prove it if it was true, this is spin and it wearing thin.


Riverview, FL
·Bright House

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I blame it on Netflix. I have poor performance using Netflix on Brighthouse (Piggybacks TWC Roadrunner for internet) and also did when I lived with mum who had Verizon FiOS.

Also had crap Netflix resolution with Bresnan Cable (now Charter) in Wyoming when I lived there a short time before I realized the perpetual winter sucked and moved back to Florida.

Amazon on the other hand provides 1080p streaming quality every time, did have a Prime account for the free trial period and never renewed since i'm not rich. I did pay for the last season of Breaking Bad om Amazon since Netflix didn't have it yet and every episode played with better audio and video quality then the Netflix episodes.