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Comcast Users Shocked to Learn Their Routers Offer Free Wi-Fi
by Karl Bode 04:22PM Wednesday Feb 05 2014
Last June, Comcast took a page from services like Fon and started offering users routers configured out of the box to provide free Wi-Fi to any other Comcast users in range. At the time, Comcast noted that user could disable this second, public "xfinitywifi" SSID, though it would be enabled by default. Amusingly, it appears that some people didn't pay attention to Comcast's announcement, and are now suddenly shocked to learn they've been providing Wi-Fi to the neighborhood via what one reporter implies is a nefarious "trojan horse":
When Comcast asked Ronaldo Boschulte to swap out his malfunctioning broadband modem and Wi-Fi router with an all-new model late last year, he didn't know the Internet device was a high-tech Trojan horse of sorts. Comcast fessed up a bit later in an email to the Maple Grove man...“I didn't know it had a hotspot” feature, the accountant said. “That was pretty much a surprise." Boschulte has plenty of company in this regard — and not all are thrilled about it.
Fortunately Comcast's usage cap trials don't include the publicly-available Wi-Fi, which would certainly only add to the confusion.

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Typical arrogance on the part of big business today.

Like others said:

Comcast let customers know in a way that shows them to be
of questionable ethical character, and bad faith to their customers.
Instead of making it clear in plain English in a separate notification which for example could have been included in a monthly billing, they chose
DELIBERATELY to hide it within a long winded contractural agreement loaded with legalese.

The belligerence, arrogance, and obnoxiousness of that action says a lot about the company. Which has rightfully been loathed by customers for decades now.
Comcast deserves the contempt they get from their customers.


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reply to newview

Re: Typical Comcast

I'm going to sound like a troll, but if Comcast segregates the signal, doesn't count it towards me, and gives me reciprocal roaming rates, shouldn't I be applauding them rather than criticizing them.

When I visit Paris, I borrow a friend's Free password and do the same over there. It is one of the benefits of being a Free subscriber. I'm going to dissent and say "way to go Comcast."



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Comcast property...

Comcast policies.

(Just reaffirms my policy of using only devices belonging to me. Saves money, saves headaches.)


Houston, TX

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reply to mixdup

Re: eh

But are the connected users on their own IP, or shared with yours? They could download kiddy porn or something, and you would go to jail.


Boise, ID

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One reason I'm not getting one...