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Comcast Van Race Injures 3-Year-Old
As if Comcast needed any more bad news....
by Karl Bode 02:54PM Wednesday May 14 2008 Tipped by newview See Profile
Here I was thinking Comcast probably didn't need any more bad news, given their subcontractors are consistently in the news for falling asleep, murder, digging in the wrong yard or blowing up laptops, dishwashers or people. But user newview See Profile submits this Consumerist report that says two racing Comcast vans were responsible for an accident last weekend in Huntsville, Alabama. As a result of the accident, one 3-Yr-Old Girl was temporarily placed on life support, and remains unconscious, according to WAFF in Huntsville.
Comcast General Manager Butch Jernigan gave us the following statement: "Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. We will cooperate fully with local authorities, but cannot comment further because of the on-going investigation. At Comcast, the safety of our employees, customers, and the general public is a top priority."
Can I officially say Comcast's labor screening process needs work yet, or no?

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Pensacola, FL

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Re: Oh Ouch

TIME Magazine - Employees Racing in Comcast Vans Hit Young Girl!

Two dipsh@ts in Huntsville, Alabama (Yes, they have Cable) were racing their smooth hotrod Comcast Vans and struck a kid. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said, "They're will be an internal investigation into this horrible tragedy; the two vans were carrying expensive Comcast equipment AND THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! And, from our understanding, the kid had no business in the middle of the road but we will pay for the stupid idiot's medical bills as long as the kid's family subscribes to the Comcast Tripe Play. Only $99 in most markets by they way. Certain exclusions apply."

Huntsville Police Chief Bert "Dick" Brannon said the two Comcast guys were arrested and charged with several crimes he couldn't remember. He said, "Those Bo and Luke boys need to stop thinking their shenanigans will impress Jessica Simpson. If, or actually when they are found guilty by the judge that comes once a year, they'll be hanged by the Klan. In the GREAT STATE OF ALABAMA, we don't tolerate speed racing of any kind. I'm just glad it wasn't an, uh, African-American kid since we don't need no more of Jesse Jackson down here startin' trouble."

The police chief is currently under investigation for investing in a brothel. The local prosecutor was unavailable for comment his spokeswoman said. "He's meeting some lawyers at Hooters he said."

Bill O'Reilly, the indignant jerk host of the "Factor", will be doing a special report tomorrow on that ridiculous right-wing propaganda network FoxNews.

NASCAR said they wouldn't be dropping Comcast as a sponsor but may look into it. "The fans should decide."

-Joe Klein (Time Magazine)
Saving the world keeps me busy. However, I find Earth very primitive from my home planet of Krypton.


Dracut, MA

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"Can I officially say Comcast's labor screening process needs work yet, or no?"

No, someone could look perfect in interviews, screening coming up 100% clean, they could work for a company for 15years with NO complaints or problems and then make one mistake and people will say "Comcast needs to screen better". The person made a stupid mistake, one that how many other people working or not do on a daily basis on our roads.

The TECHS should not have been speeding/racing/ect. And I definatly feel bad for the child injured, and if she dies yes the driver should see jailtime, if they infact racing then BOTH should see jailtime. But don't say the screening process is bad due to a techs stupidity that a screening process in the PAST cannot predict.