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Comcast Will Be Shaking Up Their Speed Tiers
22/5 tier going away, 16/2 being upgraded to 20/4
by Karl Bode 12:01PM Monday Feb 01 2010
A Comcast insider tells Broadband Reports that the company will soon be shaking up their broadband tiers, which are currently 12/2, 16/2, 22/5, 50/10 (and 100 Mbps in Minneapolis). According to the source, Comcast will be eliminating the 22/5 Mbps tier. They'll also be upgrading 16/2 Mbps users to a new, 20/4 Mbps tier. "All new people getting installed that are getting the 16/2 are getting D3 modems in preparation for this," says the source. As carriers deploy faster next-generation speeds (and Comcast says they'll have 100% of customers upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 by the end of this year), they're still experimenting with just how much speed people really need -- and just how much they're willing to pay. AT&T and Verizon are also tinkering with both U-Verse and FiOS speeds and pricing as 2010 begins.

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