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Comcast cable rates rising in PA
by drake 11:54PM Sunday Jan 30 2005

Comcast is raising its monthly price for basic and standard cable service - the basic offering of free cable channels most people subscribe to - to $47.45 in Doylestown Borough, according to a letter sent to subscribers this week.

Comcast prices throughout the Intelligencer delivery area typically move in lock-step. With additional fees added in, that means most basic and standard cable subscribers in the area will be paying $50.24 a month, up from $47.43 over the past year.

The 5.9 percent increase is on par with how prices have risen since 1999, before Comcast bought Suburban Cable.

Seen here: »www.phillyburbs.com/pb-dyn/news/ ··· 094.html


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Richboro, PA

They are also rasing rates in Northampton Twnshp.

In addition to that, it appears that HBO will no longer be offered on analog cable. I don't want to pay extra for digital cable, all converter boxes, etc... to get HBO.