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Comcast to Demo 1 Gbps, 100 Mbps Symmetrical Tomorrow
New Pace-Built Xfinity Box, New Upstream Channel Bonding?
by Karl Bode 11:07AM Wednesday Jun 15 2011
Comcast has announced that they'll be showing off their new set top box and "new broadband speeds" at The Cable Show this Thursday. It's not clear what speeds Comcast is referring to, but it's possible that Comcast will officially unveil the upstream channel bonding and potential faster upstream speeds we were the first to report Comcast is now quietly deploying to numerous markets (see update below). Meanwhile, Comcast's new set top, code-named "Xcalibur," has been talked about for months in leaks but was officially confirmed this week by Comcast. Built by Pace with chips from Intel, the box in many ways is Comcast's efforts to play catch up with some of the advancements made by telcoTV products like Verizon FiOS TV and AT&T's U-Verse TV. The device not only sports a GUI overhaul, but it integrates a number of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter -- in addition to offering Internet video.

Update: Attendees tell Broadband Reports the "new speeds" Comcast will be demonstrating tomorrow will include a symmetrical 100 Mbps cable connection using bonded upstream channels -- as well as a 1 Gbps connection. While you probably won't see these speeds anytime soon -- the demo aims to help Comcast proclaim they're keeping pace with 1 Gbps deployments by companies like Google (in Kansas City) and Sonic (in portions of California). One attendee at the NCTA's Cable Show sends us this pic showing upstream connectivity at 100 Mbps:
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Update 2: Confirmation from Comcast, who sent us this e-mail noting these speeds will be for business customers:
This week at The Cable Show, Comcast is demoing a 100 Mbps over 100 Mbps connection for business customers.

We bonded 4 channels to get the 100 Mbps upstream speed and with 100 Mbps symmetrical, you can upload or download a 2GB file in less than 3 minutes. Using a T1 line, this would take almost 3 hours.

This amount of bandwidth is ideal for sending and receiving large files between locations and clients such as legal documents, media rich presentations, video files, medical images, architectural drawings, hi-res photos and graphic designs.

At Comcast booth #1201, we’ll be demoing 100 Mbps symmetrical, so stop by and talk with Charlie Douglas to learn more about the demo.
Update 3: Paid Content also suggests that Comcast is showcasing a 1 Gbps connection at the show, which will be included in the demonstration tomorrow.

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