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Comcast/NBC Block Olympic Streams From 'Internet Plus' Customers
by Karl Bode 04:26PM Monday Feb 10 2014
Last fall we were the first to report on a new Comcast "Internet Plus" bundle that included 20 channels & HBO and a 25 Mbps broadband line for $40-$50 a month, depending on the market. Even though the tier ballooned to $60 to $70 after 12 months and $70 to $80 six months after that, it was at least a tiny effort to acknowledge that users wanted a little more flexibility in their TV bundling and pricing options.

Except as Janko Roettgers at GigaOM points out, customers who signed up for this package are annoyed that Sochi Olympic streams are being blocked by Comcast and NBC:
Comcast is limiting Olympic live streaming to customers who have, at the very least, the company’s Digital Starter package. Customers who only subscribe to the company’s basic cable package, or the slightly pricier Digital Economy package, don’t get access to any live streams from Sochi. And the internet plus HBO package includes HBO Go streaming and access to the company’s Xfinity TV apps, but on the traditional TV front, it’s like basic cable, so Sochi streams aren’t included either.
As Roettgers points out, Comcast appears to be annoying the very same customers they were trying to attract with this deal in the first place, hoping to have their cake (pretending to embrace cord cutters) while eating it too (blocking them from accessing content to upsell them to legacy options they don't want). You can find some more complaints over at the official Comcast forums.

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Just get a VPN, Watch BBC or CBC streams...Free and much better quality and quantity then NBC.