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Comcast's Use Of Twitter Continues To Fascinate
But is it really fixing what causes Comcast's low satisfaction ratings?
by Karl Bode 09:59AM Monday Jul 07 2008
The Boston Globe explores Comcast's attempt to repair their reputation for poor customer service by reaching out to customers via social networking websites such as Twitter. Comcast now has an employee monitoring Twitter 24/7, a tactic that a growing number of companies are embracing and which seems to fascinate mainstream outlets. Comcast customer service recently reached a record low in the most recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). But is Twitter support treating a symptom or the disease?

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Philadelphia, PA

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ComcastCares Responds

My team and I are also on Broadband Reports too. We reach out a little more privately (directly to members via email on the member profile page). It is not as frequent because the great membership base is usually able to assist. I have been a long time member, well before joining Comcast. I review Broadband Reports, and a variety of the forums at least 2 times every day. I have RSS feeds for the news. I also have members of my team do the same thing. The only time we typically reach out is if it is something that a member would not be able to assist.

The reason we do this is not for PR. It actually started as an effort to gather feedback throughout the blogosphere and on forums. Since we are Customer Service people, it is only natural that we would make a situation right. That is the true nature of the goal. I never imagined all this publicity for what to me is common sense. Some of the best feedback we collect is on the web.

I am always here, and if there is something I can help with or if someone would like my thoughts, please feel free to email me.

By the way, sorry for the confusion at the beginning of TWiT. I was not planning on being on, and that is not something I typically do.


Frank Eliason
@ComcastCares on Twitter