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Consumer Advocate & Public Knowledge Boss Gigi Sohn Heads to FCC
by Karl Bode 02:41PM Monday Nov 04 2013
Consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge has announced that the organization's President & CEO Gigi Sohn will be leaving to go work at the FCC. According to a Public Knowledge press release, Sohn will be joining the Office of Chairman Tom Wheeler as Special Counsel for External Affairs.

Wheeler, who was officially sworn in as the new FCC boss last week, has been criticized for being a little too close to the industries he'll regulate as a cable and wireless lobbyist of thirty years. Some of those companies, like AT&T, may find Sohn's appointment disconcerting.

Consumer advocate opinion on Wheeler was split because of his lobbyist past, but Sohn and Public Knowledge were quite supportive of the Wheeler nomination.

"As someone who has known Tom for years, I believe that he will be an independent, proactive Chairman who will not allow the FCC to become irrelevant as broadband becomes the dominant mode of communication in this country," Sohn said in a statement after Wheeler's nomination was announced back in April.

"I have no doubt that we will disagree with Tom at times," said Sohn. "But I also have no doubt that Tom will have an open door and an open mind, and that ultimately his decisions will be based on what he genuinely believes is best for the public interest, not any particular industry."

Consumers should be able to tell quite shortly whether that statement is true. You can find Wheeler's full staff appointments here.

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New York, NY

FCC blues

Who knows if this means anything. It's to soon to tell. There's a piece in Wired that basically says the internet is finished. The corporate take over and coming cable tv-izing of the internet is at hand.

Re: FCC blues

From AOL and back again.


Salem, OR

Revolving door?

I guess it's only a "revolving door" if they go from industry to the Commission and back.

Hopping temporarily from a public interest group doesn't count, right?