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Consumer Reports: Verizon Best, AT&T Worst
Though AT&T's LTE Network Satisfaction Shows Hope
by Karl Bode 10:58AM Friday Nov 30 2012
AT&T has yet again found itself at the bottom of the Consumer Reports rankings for wireless service, though there are hints that AT&T's LTE network could improve the company's fortunes. The latest rankings, as usual buried behind a pay wall, surveyed 63,253 cellphone subscribers to get their impressions of their wireless carrier. Consumers were asked questions covering things like voice and data service quality, customer support performance, and staff knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

As is usually the case in wireless customer satisfaction rankings, Verizon saw the best performance, AT&T saw the worst, and Sprint and T-Mobile fell somewhere in between. But things weren't all bad for AT&T: the company saw the fewest complaints for all carriers when it came to 4G network performance. Unfortunately, AT&T continues to trail Verizon significantly when it comes to overall LTE network coverage.

AT&T is circulating a statement to the press insisting that they're working on things.

"While delivering an even better customer experience is a never-ending job, we're pleased that our customers rate their 4G experience as best of any carrier," the company said in a statement e-mailed to several websites. "We've invested significantly to deliver unique advantages, including offering the nation's largest 4G network, which enables the fastest iPhone 5 downloads and simultaneous talk and surf."

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